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Speaker & Business Coach

“Today will be a good day because I am going to make it a good day”. Focus, determination and self belief gave Steve Trapmore MBE the tools to win an Olympic Gold Medal. Do you dare to achieve your business equivalent?

Will it make the boat go faster?

Steve was not the strongest athlete in the team. There were no superstars competing with him, just a crew of hugely diverse individuals. Together they were prepared to explore every possible avenue to achieve the ultimate dream. Communication, common goals and continual assessment
were vital to the development of their team. A process driven approach that learnt more from failure than from success underpinned their ethos.

His inspirational story of overcoming personal self doubt and breaking down barriers to lead his team to Olympic victory is truly memorable.
Steve’s keynote can be delivered as a sensation journey or tailored to focus on specific themes such as;

  • Continuous improvement
  • Taking responsibility
  • Team work
  • Learning from one's mistakes
  • Goal setting
  • Self belief and Motivation
  • The need to take action
  • Performing at one's best

Key Sporting Achievements;

  • 2002 Gold, World Rowing Championships, Seville, Spain
  • 2000 Gold, Olympic Games, Sydney, Australia
  • 1999 Silver, World Rowing Championships, St Catharines, Canada
  • 1997 Bronze, World Rowing Championships, Aigubelette, France